Welcome to Nulltech


Mango64 is a flexible yet powerful reference board based on newer Samsung S3C6410X ARM processor. Now available for US customers!


The business areas of Nulltech include, but not limited to:

IT Consulting

Nulltech thinks both in geeks' and customers' shoes.

  • Business Idea Evaluation
  • PC and Server Management - O/S installation, Virus removal, Data transfer/recovery/backup/restore, Hardware upgrades
  • Network and Datacenter Management

Asset Liquidation

We help you turn your IT clutters into cash.  Due to high gas price, we mostly cover Silicon Valley area, but every rule has exceptions.


We are specialized in English-2-Korean translation. NullTech has translated quite a few books into Korean since 1997.

  • The Business of Software - Eric Sink, APress
  • The Art of Intrusion - Kevin Mitnick, Wiley & Sons
  • Linux System Administration, 2nd Edition: Craig Hunt Linux Library Series - Vicki Stanfield, Sybex
  • UNIX Made Easy, 3rd Edition - John Muster, Mc-Graw Hill
  • UNIX Power Tools, 2nd Edition - Jerry Peek, et al., O'Reilly 
  • UNIX System Programming with SVR4, David Curry, O'Reilly 
  • DNS and BIND, 3rd/4th Edition - Cricket Liu, Paul Albitz, O'Reilly